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50 First Dates: 10 men tell us about their very first date

50 first dates: How was it for him?


Matt P is a 31 year old writer from Birmingham.

I was petrified of her

When I was seven(ish) A redheaded girl at school used to follow me around, but I was petrified of her.

One day her mum came round and she was with her, and I ran to the top of the garden and hid on the climbing frame until they'd left.

Wasn't malicious at all, I was just genuinely and irrationally scared of girls at that age.

Ian is 28. He's a sound engineer from London.

Meet me by the water

It was with Sophie, she was pretty.

I was about ten and we went swimming. There was lots of dive bombing, splashing and water slides. Water flirting, basically. We didn't hold hands or kiss though.

I don't think you really grasp the idea of girls until you're a bit older they're usually smelly and don't like the same things as you. Until you realize they have boobs.

Matt B is a writer from London.

She hoodwinked me

I went round to a girl's house when I was, like, 5 or something. She told me she had the Magic Faraway Tree in her garden.

I really only went because I wanted to climb the Magic Faraway Tree than because she was a girl. The tree wasn't there. Neither was she. I had to have a snoop when no one was looking.

She fibbed to me.

Eege from the Netherlands. 24 and works in technology.

School date

So I was 14(ish) and kind of liked this girl at school. I invited here to the movies.

Picked a nice shirt, because it's all about the shirt when you're that age. Also bought a couple of red roses (classic) and went to pick her up. When we entered the cinema I had the shock of my life.

Practically 90% of the school was there, all with dates. Since everyone was there and chatting with each other I couldn't even bring up the courage to wrap my arm around her, let alone hold hands. Holding hands IS a big deal on your first date. Don't anyone ever let you tell differently.

After those horrible 1.5 hours it was finally over. We went outside, thanked each other for a 'great night out' (us Dutch are very polite) and both went our separate ways. I never spoke to her again after that.


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