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20 Reasons Dating A Surfer Is Like Winning The Boyfriend Lottery

Lareese Craig
by Lareese Craig Published on October 28, 2014

High five if you're dating a surfer. You get to sunbathe without being moaned at, have salty kisses on tap and beach vacations become a regular thang. If you don't have a wave-chasing hottie in the vicinity then we suggest you book it to the sand. Seriously. Here are 20 reasons why dating a surfer is like winning the damn boyfriend lottery. As if you needed persuading anyway!

1. He won’t moan at you for taking beach selfies

The guy will happily stand there shirtless and pose with you. In fact he loves the camera as much as you do - and won't object to you taking hundreds of snaps of him surfing.

2. You can spend forever at the beach

All the sand in the world couldn’t bother him. Happy sunbathing!

3. Hot. Bod

Chasing waves sure does its thing for his physique. Aloha, abs.

4. He likes early mornings

He’ll never be the one pestering you to sleep in. Yeah, he’s chilled out, but when it comes to making the most out of the day he’s on dawn patrol for sure.

5. Did we mention those ARMS

Paddling out again and again does magical things to his biceps and we’re not complaining. Now lift us up like a mermaid.

6. He's patient

All that bobbing about waiting for a wave, jumping on it, and then watching it fizzle out to nothing? It takes a real man to deal with that disappointment and come out on top.

7. His hair

It’s not a stereotype, it’s a proven fact. Surfers have the best hair and when they emerge from the ocean and flick it around like some kind of Greek god, wow oh wow, you better hope your sunglasses cover the perving.

8. Salty kisses

We'll never get bored of those.

9. The way he talks about the sea…also HOT

He lives, breathes, and dreams about the surf, but you won't mind because when he gets talking about the swell and the rips, not to mention sex wax (don’t ask), you can’t help but fall head over heels for his lingo. He knows his stuff and it happens to be a massive turn on.

10. He won't laugh at you

Chances are if you’re dating a surfer you’re gonna need to give it a whirl yourself. But don’t worry, he’ll be there every step of the way. Even if you have to pee in your wetsuit.

11. They're always tanned

Being pasty just isn’t in their vocabulary. They’re basically a walking ad for St. Tropez all year 'round. Swoon.

12. Say goodbye to basic vacations

His life revolves around surfing, which makes Bali and Australia his dream destinations for vacay. Regular trips to the beach? If you know what’s good for you never. Let. Him. Go.

13. He’s easy to shop for

A trip the nearest surf shop and you’re done– he’ll always need something to add to his growing collection. Just make sure you’ve got the garage space.

14. He gets as excited as you when "Drunk In Love" comes on

All together now, 'surfboard, surfboard'.

15. He's adventurous

He'll never turn his nose up at you for suggesting a late night skinny dip. Kinky mofo.

16. He'll be your hero

If he tells you to stay in the whitewater (AKA the safe bit) god damn it stay in the white water. On second thought, if you get tired look who's going to come and save your ass.. help me I'm drowning.

17. He's hardcore

He's not afraid of shark bites and cuts his feet to shreds on the reef without so much as moaning. He's made of strong stuff and we like it.

18. He loves nature

Is there anything sexier than a man who knows how to handle himself in the wild??

19. His heart is HUGE

His idea of a good time? Doing a beach clean with his friends so that birdies and fish can have a plastic-free sea. HOW CAN WE NOT LOVE THIS??

20. You can chill

He doesn't need a crazy life plan, he just needs waves and his woman. #simplepleasuresarethebest

This article was written by Lareese Craig follow her @LareeseCraig

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