100 Sexiest Men of 2010
100 Sexiest Men of 2010: 73 - 65
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100 Sexiest Men of 2010: 73 - 65

73 - Declan Donnelly
His other half didn't make the list but if Ant & Dec come as a package deal that's OK with us!

72 - Michael C. Hall
It's not every actor that can make a seriel killer sexy.

71 - Ben Fogle
Posh totty, Ben Fogle, has a son called Ludo. We bet he's a great dad.

70 - Gordon Ramsey

Swearing is sexier when Gordon does it.

69 - Matt Lanter
Liam's abs are the reason we tune in to 90210!

68 - Russell Crowe
Like Vigo Mortensen, Russell is sexier in his films. How many times have we watched Gladiator now?

67 - Ryan Kwanten
True Blood's Jason Stackhouse is as sexy as he is "stacked".

66 - Penn Badgley
Gossip Guy Penn starred in our favourite film of 2010, Easy A. But we love him most when he's Dan Humphrey.

65 - Pierce Brosnan

Still making the sexy list - our favourite ever Bond was 57 this year. He's still got it.

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