100 Sexiest Men of 2010
100 World's Sexiest Men 2010: 91 - 83
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100 World's Sexiest Men 2010: 91 - 83

91 - Justin Bieber
Sick and wrong ladies. Justin Bieber turned 16 in March this year, he's barely legal. This isn't World's Sexiest Teenage Boy, you know!

90 - Alex Reid

Katie's not as stupid as she looks. She's bagged herself a babe. We can't help but love Alex Reid. Bless him!

89 - Amir Khan
Another fittie who makes a living thumping people. Mamma said knock you out!

88 - Simon Cowell
TV's Mr Nasty went a bit soft this year but even without the withering put downs you voted him in at 88.

87 - Eddie Izzard
This is the first entry we'd deem as a "weird crush". But then again he's the second cross dresser to make it on to the list. Each to their own.

86 - Luke Pasqualino

Skins actor Luke is 20 so (unlike the Bieb) does in our opinion qualify for a sexiest man award!

85 - Owen Wilson
Not conventionally hot but there is definitely something appealing about comedy fave Owen Wilson. We like him as Hanson in Zoolander... "So hot right now!"

84 - Vinnie Jones
Ex-footballer / actor is alright if you like a bit of rough.

83 - Ben Foden
Sorry girls, sexy England rugby player Ben is dating Una Healy from The Saturday's.

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