100 Sexiest Men of 2010
100 World's Sexiest Men 2010: 100 - 92
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100 World's Sexiest Men 2010: 100 - 92

100 - Gok Wan
Really Girls? You know you don't have a chance with Gok right? He might squeeze your baps but that's about it.

99 - Jonathan Ross
Whats wong with a bit of Wossy, eh?

98 - Nick Clegg
Unsurprisingly Nick was the only politican to make it into our top 100.

97 - Andrew Flintoff
A rare picture of "Freddie" without a pint on the go. Yummy!

96 - Nick Youngquest
Nick posed naked for Attitude. God we love that magazine's approach to photoshoots!

95 - Mark Owen
He used to be the one everybody fancied. Then he cheated on his wife so now he's only 95th! Sadly he's not the only love rat to make the list.

94 - Jason Orange
Now officially hotter than Mark and Howard, Jason Orange is creeping up the sexy list and we can so see why!

93 - Gary Lineker
Walker's crisps have never tasted so good.

92 - Gary Barlow
Gary's now the second hottest Thatter. We never saw this coming back in '92. Well done Gaz!

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