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A Little Al Fresco Arousal
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A Little Al Fresco Arousal

Having sex outdoors is heaven for some and hell for the rest but in terms of breathing some fresh air into your love life – nothing can be simpler or more effective. 
There is that minor detail however, the whole it’s illegal thing, that can get in the way, but Tracey says if you’re clever it doesn’t have to. 
“As for that pesky problem of it being illegal to have sex in public, there are ways to indulge in alfresco sex discreetly. It’s called being sensible. Assess each situation carefully, stay as clothed as possible and use props to hide behind. 
Low-risk public sex venues that probably won’t get you arrested: your garden, under a blanket in a park that has lots of tree heavy areas, a rooftop, a little used stairwell, up against a tree in the countryside.”
So if you want to keep it simple rather than ending up in a cell we think that a little garden grinding is a great idea.

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