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Get Wet

We’d hope at least one of you would be pretty wet already but just in case you’re thinking on a larger scale, having sex in the sea or hot tub is a sexual fantasy you’ve got to make reality.

Sex in the water isn’t as awful as it can sound, yes if you’re on a beach some sand might get into some rather awkward places but really it has its benefits. 
Tracey says: "In water, we’re gloriously weightless. Everyone feels light (thin) and buoyant in mood and body (not to mention thin). The squeamish get an extra bonus: having sex in water guarantees everything is clean and fresh.” 
Also did we mention it’s hot, like you’re starring in some Hollywood film, hot. “Sex on the water’s edge makes us feel like we’re starring in From Here to Eternity, the smell of salt and the sea and the sound of water (along with your partner) stimulate other senses,” says Tracey. 
All we can say is try and be discreet. Either go far out or use a sarong or towel to cover yourselves – you don’t want to get caught! 
Plus every guy or girl has imagined that kinky scene where something starts to go down in the hot tub. Now imagine that you’re that kinky girl – good right? Make it happen.

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