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Your dominant sense

Your dominant sense is SIGHT

Your dominant sense is SIGHT

Nothing escapes your beady eye, does it?! You take in your important information using your vision. You always look people in the eye when you're talking to them.

Your characteristics

> quick: one quick glance and you know in a flash what a situation requires you to do. You have quick reflexes, you're flexible, and you adapt to situations well.

> hard-working: psychologists say that visual people think very hard, and their perception of the world means they concentrate hard on themselves, others and their environment.

> emotional: you're quick to spot and feel other people's emotions, and you're good at telling what people are thinking. You feel their joy or pain easily and it affects you.

What about your other senses?

You need to make sure you have a good balance. You can be too quick to judge purely on what you see sometimes. You'd have a more balanced judgment if you gave your other senses a chance as well.

> sound: take the time to listen before you make (hasty) decisions and opinions. First impressions are often right, but not always!! Try and pay more attention to what people say rather than how they look when they're saying it.

> feel: you can appear cold sometimes because you place quite a lot of importance on the hard facts, ie what you see. You'll have deeper affinities and understandings with others if you trust your intuition as well.



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