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Quiz: are you happy in your job?

Profile: You're lacking comfort


One thing's for sure, you don't have time to get bored in your job!

You're weighed down with responsibilities, your diary's bursting with appointments and meetings, and your desk is buried under a pile of To Do lists!

You feel like you never get enough done but at the same time, you struggle to see how you could do any more... unless you started working a 35-hour day!


You have no choice but to get things done which results in you doing your best.

Your job is very demanding, forcing you to reveal organizational skills and levels of efficiency that people (including yourself!) maybe weren't aware of!!

The risks

You run the same risks as anyone who walks in shoes that are too tall or too small: you'll end up stumbling... from exhaustion.

On top of that, your self-esteem might take a tumble because you feel that you're not at the top of your game.

And it's highly likely that your lack of availability will eventually affect your relationships with your partner, friends and family... if it hasn't already done so.

Expert's advice

Above all, you need to accept not to strive for perfection! How? As strange as it sounds, make some small mistakes so you can postpone some tasks and refuse others. You'll realize that the world still turns... and you're more relaxed.

As for your colleagues and boss, they'll (finally) understand that you have limits. Not convinced? Remind yourself that your profile makes you a prime candidate for burnout.

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Profiles: You're lacking comfort
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