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Grey's Anatomy quiz

Grey's anatomy quiz profile: Alex Karev


©ABC studios
©ABC studios
What you like
This intern, behind his bad-boy attitude, just wants you to like him!
Alex Karev is a totured soul, bless him. He tries to bury his emotions deep inside him. To protect his secrets, he sometimes plays the scoundrel!

How the Karev charm works
It's just a matter of understanding him. Few have managed to do so. When Karev slowly lets his guard down and builds his confidence up, he gives 100%! If you gain his trust then you're in for a treat.

Underneath that stone exterior he's actually very touching, very attentive and very sweet.
The man for you in real life
You have always been attracted by sullen, brooding types that you'd like break down and understand. You love a challenge!

However, these men have often made you suffer ... You dream of finding the right one who will lower his guard, so that you can both finally find happiness. You need to take care of someone, but be careful not to mother him! There's nothing sexy about always being the responsible one. Let him take over sometimes and take care of you, he secretly loves it.
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Profiles: Your Doctor? Alex Karev, the Mystery Man
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