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Grey's Anatomy quiz

Grey's anatomy quiz profile: Mark Sloan


©ABC studios
©ABC studios
What you like
It has to be said, initially, you didn't like anything about him. But you were completely wrong about him. His "living God" persona fools everyone around him, so they don't see his real value.
He turned out to be sweet and deep, while you believed him to be a superficial womanizer.

How the Sloan charm works
Sexually, his partners are all satisfied... He can handle women. But he often hides behind his reputation. Yes, against all odds, he wants children, he dreams of commitment and of finding, dare we say it, real love.

The man for you in real life
You need to be in awe of  your partner's body - it's not that your completely superficial, it's just that aesthetics are an important factor in your sex life. A healthy, sexy body is a sign of a fertile man who know how to take care of himself. That's attractive to you!

You also need someone who you protects you, without rushing and without making you take the highway of life (you prefer a long walk).Commitment scares you and he must know how to be paitent and not try to push you into things your not ready for.
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Profiles: Your Doctor? Mark Sloan, the Adonis
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