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Grey's Anatomy quiz

Grey's anatomy quiz profile: Derek Sheperd


©ABC studios
©ABC studios

What you like
A relationship like Derek and Meredith's, which started slowly but finally took the right course.
Derek was able to get through all obstacles. Yes, he fought, and that's what makes you melt!

How Shepherd's charm works
You didn't believe in happily-ever-afters and then he came along and made ??you reconsider your beliefs.

Now you believe in Prince Charming and you secretly thank him for giving you a healthy dose of optimism.

He's handsome, charismatic and desirable, but we don't doubt his love for a second. He shows his strength of character, it seems he is able to move mountains, alone or with you

The man for you in real life
You are a wee bit fragile at time and though you've know some hardships, they haven't always made your stronger. The man in your life needs to stabilize you, and make you trust yourself. You need his support and he will rely on yours. Still, you'll want to keep your independence and he'll love you all the more for it.

Be careful not to live through him - it's important to have fun together and enjoy the relationship but it's equally important to preserve your own interests and friendships outside the couple.

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Profiles: Your Doctor? Derek Sheperd, the perfect son-in-law
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