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Jo March  - Jo March profile
Jo March
The youngest March sister doesn’t care what people think, and neither do you.
You like being yourself, and are comfortable with your inner tomboy. You say what you think, and are the definition of independent woman. This may seem intimidating, but you smooth your edges with a warm sense of humour and a fierce love for your family. 
You love spending time with the people closest to you. When the world gets to be too much, you shut it out with a book. 
Watch out: You’re not very girly, but that's OK. You would rather wear your oldest pair of Levis and beat-up Converse than a cute dress. Just don’t shut yourself off from those who value pretty over practical. They may also have something to contribute. You can be impulsive, so be careful not to act before thinking or you may have regrets. 



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