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Which romantic heroine are you?

Jane Eyre profile


Jane Eyre ©UGC Distribution - Jane Eyre profile
Jane Eyre ©UGC Distribution
Charlotte Bronte’s heroine has wit galore, and so do you. Not only that, you wield it like a graceful weapon.

You’re a no-nonsense gal who prizes honesty and loyalty above all else. You face the world with integrity and have a rigid moral compass. You’re impossible to lead astray  (except by a certain Mr. Rochester perhaps?).
Life hasn’t been easy but you have a positive outlook. You are passionate, and practicality aside, a real romantic. 
Watch out: You’re introverted and don’t like showing your emotions. Lighten up. You can let someone know how you feel  without gushing or making a scene. You don’t want to come off as cold and distant; you're not. Discretion is dainty, but in moderation. 



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