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Which romantic heroine are you?

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Scralett O'Hara ©allociné - Scarlett O'Hara profile
Scralett O'Hara ©allociné
“Fiddle dee dee!” Just like this Southern belle, you are brave and determined, as well as sexy and elegant. You consider yourself a free agent and are ahead of your time. Nobody tells you what to do!
You are ambitious and can take on any challenge with style and charm. Your successes are a source of pride. 

Despite your modern attitude, you value certain traditions, especially where family is concerned. When times are hard, they look to you. 
Watch out: You’re awesome. They know it, and you know it. But they don’t have to know that you know it.

Be careful not to come off as selfish, jealous, or connving, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. All girls want what you've got, but you can throw them a bone one in a while. 



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