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Which Mother Christmas are you?
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You're a Creative Mother Christmas!

You're a Creative Mother Christmas!

You love the run-up to Christmas, because there's nothing you love more than shopping for presents!

Organized : You make lists of what you need to buy and what you have in mind. Then you do your research, but you don't impulse-buy - you take your time finding those perfect, original presents that your loved ones will really like. You love to surprise! 

After several hours of trawling around the shops, you always go for the most innovative and original gift you can find, and you only go home when you're happy with your choice! 

But it doesn't stop there, because you're a perfectionist through and through, and you have to wrap your presents perfectly to give them the right finishing touch...taking care to disguise odd shapes to keep the element of surprise! 

You love it when: People open your presents and say "It's brilliant - how on earth did you think of that?!"

You hate it when: Someone comes up with a more original present than you (which isn't often!).

Your Christmas budget: Has no limits - you can't put a price on originality. 


Sarah Horrocks
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