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Which Bond Girl are you?

Halle Berry as Jinx


Halle Berry in Die Another Day © MGM - Halle Berry as Jinx
Halle Berry in Die Another Day © MGM
You're Halle Berry as Giacinta "Jinx" Johnson in Die Another Day (2002).

Your profile
Foxy, uncompromising and full of fighting spirit, you're a real femme fatale!

Jinx's role
Remember that sex scene with Bond in Die Another Day? "Jinx" is one sexy lady, but she's also a maneater (she also beds one of the baddies!). She's feisty and she always gets what she wants...on all fronts.

Your Bond Girl attributes
You're self-confident, very determined, the kind of girl that others admire...and fear!

Some men feel undermined by you because of your success, and it's true that not many men can handle that.

You succeed in everything you take on because you're a hard-working, motivated perfectionist. Although you're not necessarily highly ambitious, you're very confident in your decisions.

You're in control of everything, from what's for dinner tonight to who's in your bed. There's not much room for the unexpected in your life, but you like it like that!

Chill out a bit! You set the bar so high that you risk being disappointed.



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