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Ayurveda: What's your Ayurvedic body type?


 - Ayurveda: What's your Ayurvedic body type?

It seems sensible to assume that the mind and body are connected and as such should be treated in a way that enriches both simultaneously.

With Ayuverda, you do just that and so knowing what your Ayurvedic body type is can be incredibly useful.

But what is Ayurveda? Well Sumita Singh, Principal tutor at Affable Therapy explains: “The basics of Ayuverda can be split into two words - ‘Veda’ which means science and ‘Ayu’ which means how to live a healthy happy life.

"It is the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world and in the Western world we use only parts of it and mostly through rejuvenation therapies.”

Ayuverda fundamentally works upon the idea of the world being made up of 5 elements which can be split into 3 separate body types or 'doshas.'

In order to exist in harmony each person has these energies in certain proportions - when these become unbalanced, problems can occur.

So knowing what body type you are can help from anything to health, wellbeing, energy and lifestyle.

Find out what your Ayurveda body type is with our quiz!


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