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Profile: High-flying fashionista


© French Connection - Profile: High-flying  fashionista
© French Connection
Your style
Cool memo boards full of dates and appointments, classic Seventies armchairs in the middle of the living room, all your Sex And The City DVDs piled in meticulous order...not a dirty sock in sight. Like you, your home is stylish and sophisticated.

Your personality
You're a true fashionista. A sucker for trends, whether it's clothes, interior design or hip restaurants, you can spend hours putting outfits together! You're scarily organized: you structure your life as much as you can and you have your own little rituals to help you get through your day faster. Your only weakness is that there's no place for the unforeseen in your meticulously-planned schedule.

The ideal man to share your nest
You like men who are self-confident, protective, understanding and good at listening. You seek someone who will provide a shoulder for you to lean on, help allay your anxiety and bring out the best in you.

Your ultimate fantasy
To be reborn as Carrie Bradshaw: the perfect body, the pad in New York, the designer wardrobe and Mr Big falling at your feet. Pretty mundane, really.



Profiles: High-flying fashionista
Sarah Horrocks
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