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Quiz: What does your home say about you?

Profile: Homely romantic


 - Profile: Homely romantic
Your style
Photos and family portraits in the corridors and up the stairs, a trunk full of old Barbie dolls, a kitchen full of pots and pans "borrowed" from your mom and your grandma's old units in your living room. Every piece of furniture tells a story, and everything about your interior has soul.

Your personality
You're sentimental and you struggle to let go of reminders of the past. You're very close to your family and you also value friendship highly. You like honest relationships and deep conversation, and you soon drop superficial people. You value authenticity in all areas of your life. You're a nostalgic dreamer and you collect photos and memories of things and people who have touched your life. You're very sensitive, and maybe a bit overemotional sometimes.

The ideal man to share your nest with
You're not into one-night stands: you like serious, long-term relationships. Obviously your Mr. Right will have to be a family man and be approved of by your mom, dad, grandma and your Aunt Susie. He'll be a sensitive type with the same family values as you, and he won't be scared of making a lasting commitment. 

Your ultimate fantasy
Domestic bliss: a beautiful house, a loving husband, 3 kids and a labrador. Cliché heaven, but you'll be the envy of many!



Profiles: Homely romantic
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