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What kind of lover is he?

Profile: discreet lover


His attitude
Your man is a tiny bit shy and doesn't like drawing attention to himself.

He isn't the sort to shower you with kisses in public or hold your hand throughout an entire film, and that's what you like about him.

Although he's discreet, he's always very caring. He's a true romantic who only reveals his feelings in moderation. You know a side of him that no-one else gets to see.

But when he does, you can be sure of his sincerity and how much you mean to him.

By being too modest (or withdrawn, even), he might sometimes annoy you to the point of wanting to give him a gentle shake just to get him out of his shell.

Expert's advice
Relationships are about loving someone for who they are and for what they bring you.

You like his discretion and modesty, they were probably what attracted you to him initially.

Bear that in mind, and don't for goodness sake try to change him, simply try to coax him out of his shell. Build his confidence.

Subtly encourage him to lay himself bare more often (no not like that!) and let himself go when he's around you, and other people as well.

Asserting oneself fully is very positive for a relationship, both emotionally and sexually speaking.

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Profiles: He's a discreet lover
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