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What sort of mother will you be?

Perfect mum


You believe that your first duty is to educate your child as much as possible in order to offer them the best chance in life.

And you know how to achieve your goal!

You want to fill your children's heads with knowledge and believe that education is as important as extra curricular activities.
Your strong points: You are full of good intentions and only think of your child's future. Your energy, patience,and self-sacrifice all deserve respect.
Careful! "The intellectual mother can lack tenderness", warns Dr Goupil-Rousseau.  

By trying to do well by following what the books, educators, and other experts say by the letter, you forget to listen to the most important thing, your maternal instinct!

Moreover, "you can’t raise a child by the books. You have to respect their personality, desires, weaknesses and especially their rhythm, which is totally unique."

You put too much pressure on yourself and feel guilty for the slightest mishap.

To work on: Relax, you have the right to not be perfect - you're allowed to freak out every once in a while!

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