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What sort of mother will you be?

cool mum


For you, two words should summarize a mother-child relationship: independence and cooperation.

Your dream is to become your daughter’s best friend or your son's best mate. A great lover of freedom, you want to instill this value in your offspring from an early age.

You don’t like stress and feel that life should be primarily pleasurable. So you're the queen of organizing fun activities where children and adults both enjoy themselves.
Your strong points: You understand that for a child to grow, they can’t stay hidden in your petticoats, and you encourage your children to reach out to others. Your cool attitude is admired by everyone.
Careful! While a child needs freedom to grow, they also need limits. So set them ... and very quickly.

Exercising your authority will not make you lose the love of your children. On the contrary! This is how you earn their respect and your great relationship will continue. 

To work on :"A very cool mother does not reassure her child enough", says Dr. Goupil-Rousseau. "It is important to unleash your natural maternal side."



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