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What sort of mother will you be?

Mother Hen


For you, the first duty of being a mother is to protect and love your child. You have trouble being away from your children. You love it when they need you. And woe betide anyone who tries to harm a hair on their heads! You are ready to defend your little angels and can transform into a fearsome tiger in their defence.
Your strong points: With you, a child feels safe and loved, even adored! You have a big sense of sacrifice and are there to fix every little boo-boo.
Careful! Because of your protective nature, your child could be unprepared to face reality at school, or in the world of work. "Also, this slightly overwhelming love can have two consequences: either your children will be unable to stand on their own two feet, or they'll cut you out of their lives." warns Dr. Goupil-Rousseau.

To work on: It's important that you don't forget yourself and you think about your own life as independant from your child's.

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