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What does your friendship bring?



Me and Charlotte
Planning a night out clubbing, a shopping spree or dinner with the girls? You always ask Charlotte along. She's fun, friendly, bubbly and always up for a night out. She's lively and enthusiastic, she lifts your spirits, and she always counts you in on nights out, gets you entry to clubs and exclusive sales events. And she never forces you into anything: if you're not in the mood, she'll go without you and not get offended.

But watch out for...
While Charlotte is always ready to go out and party, she's not necessarily the person you can count on when things go pear-shaped. What's more, she wouldn't dream of calling you if she broke her leg, lost her job or was in any kind of trouble.

How can I optimize our friendship?
Think of Charlotte as your party pal. She's someone you can have a laugh with, and that's where it ends. Don't ask any more of her: you'll be disappointed and she'll be annoyed. Accept your friendship for what it is: limited. For support, advice and pouring your heart out about your love life, look elsewhere! That's what mums and friends with psychology degrees are for!



Profiles: Charlotte is your morale-booster
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