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What does your friendship bring?



Me and Charlotte
Charlotte gives you advice on all aspects of your life: work, love or babies! She's very successful and so naturally you trust her. She's the one you call first when you're unsure about trivial questions (boots or ballerina shoes with your jersey dress?) or more important issues (a personality clash with your new boss). She's always on hand to advise, reassure and support you without being judgmental.

But watch out for...
You put Charlotte on a pedestal and always dream of being like her. As a result, you sometimes tend to take her opinion as gospel and you seek her approval for anything and everything. That's heavy going for the both of you. You could get trapped in a mother-child type of dependent relationship.

How can I optimize our friendship?
Lighten up your relationship. Have a chill-out evening (chick flick + box of Roses + a flick through Heat) instead of always talking about your worries and big decisions. And stop talking about yourself all the time! Listen to her. You'll realize that she also has arguments with her boyfriend, her bank manager or her boss, which is reassuring to know! 



Profiles: Charlotte is your guru
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