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You're a crocodile

Crocodiles are natural loners but they make fiercely loyal friends.

Solitary and independent, you prefer to be on your own and dislike being relied upon by anyone but yourself.

That said you have a group of close knit friends and you're always surprised by how willing they are to do be there for you when you need them.

You love your own routine and are not keen on interruption or anything unexpected disrupting you.

You can be hard on yourself as you push for excellence in your chosen field of interest.

This is more likely to be a hobby than a career though. You prefer to do things that benefit you before doing anything for anyone else. You work to live and not the other way round.

You suffer from self doubt and are happier to fly beneath the radar attracting little notice than to be singled out.

You have a terrible temper that flares up easily and takes a while to die down. You usually feel remorseful about these outbursts but find it difficult to express this. Sorry isn’t a word that comes easily to the crocodile.

You love security and predictability. You can be very witty and funny. Others might not "get you" but you are most appreciated by your close knit circle of friends and family who see through the thick skin and know the loving person on the inside.



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