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Your an elegant, loving swan
Your an elegant, loving swan
You're a Swan

You prefer the quiet life and are most content when spending time with loved ones rather than in a crowd.

You're a loving, generous, romantic soul and you love to indulge your whimsical side. You appreciate the finer things in life but the old fashioned girl inside insists that all you really need is love.

You can be ambitious in the pursuit of your own goals but world domination isn’t likely to be on your to do list.

As a swan you prefer to excel in your chosen field and like to be admired for what you do but you don’t require constant praise and dislike too much fanfare and fuss.

Swans appear outwardly calm but that can often hide a lot of inner emotional turmoil and stress. You hate to be flustered or rushed but are more likely to shut down than to lash out.

You're elegant, graceful and understated. You take care of yourself, your environment and your loved ones. You have exacting standards and expect your efforts to be respected.

You are empathic, understand others and can be a sympathetic listener and a good shoulder to cry on.

Though you're committed in to your friends and loved ones you can be flighty in sticking to plans or settling down. You're always wondering if you wouldn't be happier and more fulfilled elsewhere?



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