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You're a charismatic, strong lioness
You're a charismatic, strong lioness
You're a Lioness

You're a born leader, you take control of any situation and make sure it turns out to the advantage of you and your nearest and dearest.

A true visionary, you're always planning your next move ahead of time - even when it looks like your just kicking back and relaxing.

You're practical, productive, and you work hard within the allotted time then relax or play hard too. You're not married to your work but you like to do well. Your social life is just as important to you.

You're trustworthy and inspire loyalty. Your friends are very important to you and though you know exactly you want, you don't always know how to get it.

Fortunately your you find it easy to persuade your friends to help you to achieve your goals. People are usually only too happy to get behind your schemes and follow you to success.

Your dark side is cruel and cold and you can hold grudges if someone upsets you even just the once. You're not big on second chances. Usually you see fit to punish those who wrong you or anyone you love. You're a very loyal friend and are naturally protective of your "pack".

You're naturally charismatic, and have many admirers. You love to show off and  you bask in adoration and praise.

Your a pleasure to be around and are usually surrounded by people who love you. Loneliness isn't something your too familiar with and you'd like to keep it that way.



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