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The basics: All about the day-to-day (but anything but ordinary) lives of doctors, nurses and patients at Cook County Hospital, Chicago. Births, dramas, staff going down like flies…we go through all the highs and lows with them and always end up coming back for more.

Main characters: Noah Wyle (Dr John Carter), Laura Innes (Dr Kerry Weaver), Maura Tierney (Dr Abby Lockart), Goran Visnjic (Dr Luka Kovac), Mekhi Phifer (Dr Gregory Pratt), Shane West (Dr Ray Barnett), Linda Cardellini (Sam Taggart)

Why we love it: ER is the classic hospital drama. It first came onto our screens in 1996 and has captivated us ever since. The innovative (for it's time) technique of filming puts the viewer at the heart of the action. Even after 10 years, numerous departures and new arrivals, ER continues to capture our imagination.

Watch it with: Everyone except the very young, because the drama is very realistic and there’s lots of open-heart surgery. Sensitive souls should watch ER with their other halves so that you can hide in his arms during the grisly bits!


Sarah Horrocks
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