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Seduction: Interview with psychoanalyst

Seduction: Interview with psychoanalyst

Our psychoanalyst gives us some seduction tips! 
Is there such a thing as a seduction technique?
No. Never use a complicated strategy. We often make too much effort when trying it on with someone and we try to focus on what our 'target' lacks: "I'm gorgeous and amazing, and I'd bring you these qualities." This is a grave mistake to make. It reveals a narcissistic streak and a permanent need for reassurance.

So what should you do, then?  
You need to focus on the person you're out to seduce instead of concentrating on yourself. Observe the person and try to approach them so that they notice and appreciate you. Then you need to measure the effect you're having little by little. Always judge a person's reaction, whether you're looking to make friends, a work contact or something more. Judge whether or not you're gaining ground, being convincing and making the other person respond well or not. Their attitude will tell you whether to take things further or hold back a little.  

Is seduction about conquest?
No. First of all, going all out to make a good impression really quickly isn't always a good thing. There will come a point when the person you're seeking to conquer realizes what you're after and thinks twice about whether they want to carry this on. To conquer, you need to be active, tête-à-tête with the other person and committed to spending time and effort with them.


Sarah Horrocks
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