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Nice, pleasant: seduction weapon like Liv Tyler

Nice, pleasant: seduction weapon like Liv Tyler
Liv Tyler © Givenchy

Like Liv Tyler, you give out the image of a nice, accessible girl. You're generous and eager to please, and you inspire trust. You don't know the meaning of the word no, which is what people love about you: they think they can count on you, and most of the time they're right. But you do expect them to give you whatever you ask for in return. You also play on people's weak points - you've mastered the art of making people feel guilty if you think they're not being fair. However, this means you often end up disappointed.

Pay attention...
Your attitude can play tricks on you. In love as in friendship, you can get led astray by people who aren't as nice as you, or even wear people out by being so nice (it can make others feel guilty). At work, your eagerness to please may be interpreted as a difficulty in affirming and expressing yourself. So people give you the rubbish jobs because they know you'll take them on without raising an eyelid; but you're not the one who gets the nod for promotion and real responsibility.

Advice for you
Stop being too nice, especially to people who haven't asked you for anything. "Try acting freely without seeking a return on your investment," says our psychoanalyst. If you're out to seduce, don't be all-out sweetness and light: emphasize your under-exploited qualities such as your bright spirit, vivacity and creativity, and let your true personality come through!



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