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Seduce with humour like Cameron Diaz

Seduce with humour like Cameron Diaz

Like the lovely Cameron Diaz, you have a very sharp sense of humour. You always know how to make people laugh and you're capable of turning a situation to your advantage and using humour to ease tension. You also know how to rally others round your cause and you're not afraid of self-derision - you get away with a lot by laughing at yourself. You're pleasant and popular, and you're unrivalled in your ability to create a good atmosphere. 

Pay attention...
Humour often hides a defensive attitude and actually seeks to create distance. Not everyone appreciates your jokes, especially the more cynical ones! At work, some people may think you're not serious enough. Men like to think of you as a good friend, because they're afraid of your sarcastic tongue or - maybe even - jealous of your sense of humour (it's hard to believe, but there are still men out there who think a cracking sense of humour is a male thing)!

Advice for you
Don't let go of your sense of humour, but think twice before you use it. A joke that falls flat ruins your credibility. Keep your fun side for those who know you well, otherwise you'll come across as someone unpredictable that people can't count on. And go gently with the male species. "A girl who is overly funny can put some men ill at ease," says our psychoanalyst. 



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