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Seduction test: fair exchange

Seduction test: fair exchange
© Tex by Max Azria

Question 2/7 :

Your slightly snobby friend works at Prada, darling. She gets 50% staff discount with her card and you'd love to borrow it. What do you do?
 •  You smile sweetly and offer to lend her your IKEA card in exchange...
 •  You act surprised when she mentions her card: "You're kidding - you really get 50% off the new collections?!"
 •  You ask if Prada are recruiting at the minute because you're dead set on a new handbag, but you could only afford it with staff discount.
 •  She says she loves your Christian Louboutin shoes, so you offer to swap them for her Prada handbag.


Questions: 2

Sarah Horrocks

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