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Kate Austen of Lost

Kate Austen of Lost

Your character
Like Kate, you're both a fighter and a sensitive soul. Very reserved when it comes to your feelings, you protect yourself with a solid shell.  Even your close friends and family don't really know who you are deep down. You eagerly forge ahead in life without looking back on past mistakes. Helpful and courageous, you want to be liked. Your ideal guy is very manly, a bit reckless or even a tough nut like Sawyer, with a big heart behind that tough exterior.

Watch out!
You think that your shell protects you when in reality it distances you from other people. You're all out to prove you're a good person, which gets tiring in time.

Our advice
Stop piling pressure on yourself. Give yourself a break instead of trying to please everyone at all costs. Do something mundane for once: shopping, gossiping, or nothing at all, that you don't need to prove your worth at. Enjoy how great that feels.



Profiles: Dynamic and reserved like Kate
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