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Miranda, the pragmatic career woman

Miranda, the pragmatic career woman
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Your profile
You're most like Miranda, the high-flying lawyer: you're highly ambitious and your career comes first, but however addicted to your job you are, you'll always put your Blackberry down to enjoy a cocktail with the girls. You're realistic and pragmatic, but behind your cynical, funny facade lies a real sensitive soul.

Your strengths
You're strong-willed, determined and independent. You know what you want and you give yourself the means to achieve it. You're a real fighter and you meet every challenge head on.

Your weaknesses
You like to control everything and you struggle to let go. You don't give yourself enough time to dedicate to your passions, and you always go for the most straightforward, reliable option.

Your type of man
You need security. You like ambitious types like you, with a stable, comfortable situation in life, for reassurance. 

Miranda quotes
"Do any of you have a completely unremarkable friend or maybe a houseplant I could go to dinner with on Saturday night?"
"I can't have a baby. I could barely find time to schedule this abortion."

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