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Test: thank you, thanks, gratitude

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 - Test: thank you, thanks, gratitude
"Say thank you to the lady!" How many millions of times were you told to say thank you as a child? But thank you is more than just politeness: it's about being grateful. 

Merci, danke, chokrane, gracias…Thank you is often the first thing we learn when we go abroad and we're trying to get by, but do you know how to say thank you at the right time, to the right people?  Take our test to find out how grateful you are!

While gratitude and thanks come naturally to friends and family, sometimes we do forget to thank them. At the other end of the sprectrum, you can also give thanks to people who you might think do you more harm than good. Why should you show gratitude towards your horrible ex boyfriend, your boss from hell and your bank manager?! Here's why...

One little word can open many doors, especially the door to serenity deep down. Why deprive yourself of the benefits a bit of gratitude can bring? 

Plus: how are you at managing time and communicating with others?



Sarah Horrocks
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