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Test: How do you control your emotions?

You express your emotions and let all your feelings out


Your emotional profile
You're not one to keep your feelings to yourself! You let your emotions speak for themselves and at the slightest provocation, you let it all out. The good news is that your hot temper never lasts long, because you soon get things off your chest. 

Your strengths
You're honest, rounded and extroverted. You say what you think and get things out into the open when you need to. "The good thing about your emotional make-up is that you always tell the truth," says psychotherapist Elizabeth Couzon.

Why am I like this?
"Every time a negative emotion arises, your basic instinstive fears come into play," says Elizabeth. "You're afraid of re-experiencing painful times from your childhood, and the present puts you in situations you struggle to control. Exploding is an automatic defence mechanism." 

What you risk
Apart from subjecting your friends, family and colleagues to your outburts, you feel guilty after you blow your top. You often go over the top, say more than you mean to, and then regret it.

Elizabeth's aevice
"As soon as you feel your heart beating faster and you sense you're on the point of seeing red, take a break and go somewhere where you're alone. Breathe deeply, have a glass of water and walk around, if you can, until the storm passes. However, only a thorough exploration of your past in a one-to-one situation with a psychologist or therapist will help you to avoid getting the reaction that makes you blow your top."



Profiles: You let all your emotions out
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