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Test: how do you communicate with others?
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Your strong points

Your strong points

Your main strong point: Honesty

Communication isn’t one of your strong points. When you show your feelings to others they have to be sincere: hypocrisy has no place in your world. If someone doesn’t interest you, you don’t talk to them – it’s a simple as that. Through observation you’ve learned how to figure people out and approach them: you feel your way a bit, get straight to the point and don’t waste your time with niceties.

People love you because you’re honest but also fragile. Men like the fact that you’re a bit guarded and mysterious, and they also want to protect you! They also love the fact that it takes something as little as a bunch of flowers to make you smile.

At work, people appreciate your serious side. Just make sure you make you voice heard when needs must, otherwise you won’t have your say!


Sarah Horrocks
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