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Addiction to poker, mobile phone, Internet, cosmetic surgery

Addiction to poker, mobile phone, Internet, cosmetic surgery

If addicts don't change, addictions themselves change over time. Today, a poker player can find a poker hall (a real or online one) as easily as a gambling addict can find scratch cards. Compulsive shoppers have always been around, but the never-ending stream of credit card offers doesn't exactly help them resist.

Emotional addicts find themselves in a state of psychological submission to their psychic and can end up calling three times a day to find out what's going to happen to them.
There are also people who are addicted to technology such as mobile phones or the internet. Specialists are divided over the threshold for excessive use: some say 19 hours per week, others say 30 hours. In reality, one of the first signs of addiction is a feeling of  escape when you're connected and feelings of irritability when you can't get online or get to your phone.

Cosmetic surgery is a very modern addiction, along with Coca-Cola and chocolate! It's intrusive and expensive, and while an addiction to going under the knife isn't yet a mass phenomenon, cosmetic surgery tourism could soon change that.
And of course there are botox injections, which are easier, less expensive and addictive for women who want to rejuvenate their image and boost their morale.


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