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How addiction works, excessive, abusive consumption

How addiction works, excessive, abusive consumption

How do you become an addict?
Addiction is the 3rd episode of a soap opera that always begins when you encounter the addictive product, behaviour or person, and continues with its abuse. Some people stop at the 1st or 2nd stage; others lose their way. Lots of people drink or go on the net in moderation, even though there may be occasions when they go to excess.
For other people, one form of abuse leads to another. Several factors can contribute: psychological factors, genetic dispositions, social parameters, and the nature of the product. We don't all react the same when faced with addictions: 15% of the population are more vulnerable than the other 85%. Women are more addicted to food than men are: it's a question of metabolism. Additionally, some products are more powerful than others. We know for example that the two most addictive substances are tobacco and heroin. 60% of first-time users become addicted.

But are there real addictions that don't involve substances?
Of course there are: games, sports, the Internet, seeing a psychic, botox treatment, work, etc. People are addicted to the feelings generated. Through playing sport, the brain secretes dopamine on its own, so people who are addicted to exercise 'dope' themselves all on their own! For emotional addicts, receiving a text message from the person you love can become a fix.


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