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Are you a happy person?
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The road to happiness

The road to happiness

What can we do to achieve daily happiness? 
There are three main principles: first of all, you have to be aware of the fact that our happiness depends on us. You mustn't expect it to come from other people or just out of thin air. Second, you have to make sure you don't waste opportunities for daily happiness. We need to learn to savour all the little pleasures that bring us happiness, even if they don't seem like much. Finally, we need to learn to enjoy simple pleasures that bring you closer to nature: a walk in the forest, a weekend by the sea, a bit of gardening...anything that brings us closer to our animal roots. 

Why do we cultivate happiness? 
Happiness is like gardening: you sow the seeds today and you reap the benefits tomorrow. It takes regular effort: you need to get rid of weeds (negative thoughts and emotions) and prepare the earth to sow the flowers and fruit you want to grow. Again, as with gardening, whatever the result (some plants and harvests are always better than others!), you just have to enjoy the process of planting and tending your garden. We need to enjoy the road to happiness, not just the feeling you get when you do something that makes you happy!


Sarah Horrocks
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