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QUIZ: So You Think You Know Jennifer Lawrence?


 - QUIZ: So You Think You Know Jennifer Lawrence?
Jen's made it clear to the world that although she is crazy attractive, funny and talented, she's just as awkward and basically as clueless about what she's doing as the rest of us. 
Let's face it - J-Law suffers from a serious case of word-vomit nearly 100 per cent of the time. No subject matter, whether it is about peeing, farting or stalking celebrities, is off limits. For every hilarious anecdote she's come out with, somewhere there’s a publicist crying in the background. But that's why we love her!
So how well do you know J-Law's cray cray personality? Can you pick out her pearls of wisdom or are you as clueless at Katniss when she thinks Plutarch Heavensbee is helping the Capitol (AMIRITE HUNGER GAMES FANS)?! 
Take this quiz and see which quotes are classic J-Law and which are total nonsense...   


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