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Quiz: what kind of sale shopper are you?
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Profile: You're not bothered about the sales


You cannot wait for the sales to end so you can shop for next season's stuff without bargain hunters in your way.

Far from being delighted, news that the sales have started leaves you in a sulk.
You'll do whatever it takes to avoid going shopping when the sales start.

You don't fancy getting trampled on by hordes of women battling it out for the best of the bargains.
Besides it's just reduced last-season crap that no-one wants!

You just can't see the appeal. In fact, you get wound up just thinking about it.

You'd rather head to the shops when the "Final days" signs go up in the shop windows. Some key pieces can be got at knockdown rate but they're bound to be either size 6 or size 16 and you're a 12. You'll save yourself the disappointment, ta very much.
And even if your friends scoff at you, it makes no difference: you're not materialistic and you only buy what you need, not whatever happens to be reduced.

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