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Quiz: what kind of sale shopper are you?
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Profile: You're a sensible sales shopper


You're a cautious sales shopper.

You're fully aware of when the sales start but the idea of camping out in front of the shops doesn't appeal to you and neither do the crowds.

You often find yourself being pushed to one side by warrior-like bargain hunters while you're just trying to browse.

You've got a list of favourite shops that you like to go in but if you can't make it on the first day of the sales, you'll happily wait until the day after because you're not exactly obsessed with picking up the bargain of the century.

For you, the sales are about spending time with your friends.
It's more fun unearthing bargains when there's at least two of you.
Having said that, there's no way you'd let that pair of jeans fall into anyone else's hands... they were made for you. And just look at the price!

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