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Reality TV quiz: could you be a reality TV star?

Profile: You couldn't be a star of reality TV


Celebrity in hiding © Sipa
Celebrity in hiding © Sipa
The idea of becoming a reality TV star fills you with absolute horror! You don't even like to admit you ever watch reality TV...

For one thing, you hate being the centre of attention, and for another, you can't stand the idea of living under the watchful eyes of cameras. You like to keep your private life just that.

You need your personal space and you don't like revealing details about your life to other people without a good reason.

People have to work hard to get to know you - you're not about to tell the world what you got up to last night or show your hoo-ha (or any other bit of you for that matter) on national television for a few quid and five minutes of fame. No thanks.

More importantly, you think that people who take part in those sorts of shows are vulgar. Really, don't these people have parents?! What are they thinking?

Nope, you'd never be a candidate for reality TV. You'll take dignity instead, ta.

Though you're not likely to appear on the next reality soap, you could learn a little something from the reality stars: Don't worry about what everyone else is thinking and just have a good time.

Today's news is tomorrow's chip wrappers.

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Profiles: You're too modest to be a star of reality TV
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