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Reality TV quiz: could you be a reality TV star?

Profile: You could be a star of reality TV


You load, proud and full of energy. Your friends have all said you'd be brilliant on TV and you'd love to make that dream come true.

You don't do things by halves so you think you'd be brilliant in your own show. You'd totally win Big Brother if your were on that and then you'd probably do Strictly, Celebrity Love Island, I'm a Celeb... anything really.

You thought about trying out for X Factor and Britain's Got Talent but you unfortunately you can't sing and basically you haven't got any talent but when did that ever stop a reality TV star from "making it"!

Although you're the ideal candidate for a reality TV show you're ego is easily bruised and though you don't like to admit it, you do take things personally.

Ask yourself if you're ready to become a TV heroine and a national treasure, are you OK with the possibility that you might get turned into a TV villian and a national laughing stock?

If you're strong enough to cope with the world and his wife having an opinion of you and you don't mind your mum finding out the intimate details of your sex life as the Kiss and Tell's roll in, then crack on lass, you're already TV gold.

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Profiles: You could be a star of reality TV
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