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Quiz: how do you react to an embarrassing situation?


Embarrasing. Charley Uchea from Big Brother 8 ©WENN
Embarrasing. Charley Uchea from Big Brother 8 ©WENN

Question 4/7 :

You've done something really embarrasing, obviously it's on Facebook and now everyone's laughing at you. How do you react?
 •  Mortified, you stay in bed, frantically untagging the evidence... you'll never live this down!!
 •  You try and laugh it off with a few witty comments and hope everyone forgets it fairly quickly.
 •  This could one of two ways: 1) You make sure every gets a good laugh by making the incriminating photo your profile picture. 2) You have the mother of all melt-downs. Either way, no-one's forgetting this in a hurry.


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