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Quiz: Are you too picky to find love?


 - Quiz: Are you too picky to find love?

Do you want to settle down but are having a difficult time finding ‘The One’?

Does it feel inevitable that every time you meet someone it seems doomed to failure?

It’s not easy finding that special person who you feel comfortable with, makes you happy and fits into your life.

But is it them, or is it you? If you jump to conclusions too quickly or are particularly picky, then that can severely hamper your chances of finding love.

Similarly if your standards are too low, you can end up with the wrong guy, while Mr. Right passes right by you.

But don’t worry, take our quiz to identify where you’re going wrong in the love stakes and read our expert advice as to how you can remedy it.

It’s time to stop self-sabotaging your love life!


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