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 - Quiz: Have you got the love byte?

Can you imagine a world in which you couldn’t flirt via MSN or text your date to tell him you’ll be fashionably late?

Hard to imagine, but it was only thirty years ago. Love it or loathe it, technology has changed the face of romance. Love in the Noughties is faster, more demanding and never switches off. We can 
connect, interact, flirt and share info wherever, whenever...even if we're still waiting for some genius to invent that commitment-phobe detector.


Whether you’re a sexy singleton, looking for romance or loved up to the max, are you making the most of the tools at your disposal? Take our test to find out if you’ve got the love byte, and get some hot tips courtesy of the mistress of raunch herself, TV sexpert Tracey Cox.

Sarah Horrocks
With thanks to Tracey Cox


Sarah Horrocks
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Article Plan Have you got the love byte?

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